Stephanie chose Bastia, the fertile territory of her childhood, to breathe new life into Mare di Latte, her brand, which she founded in 2008 with Jean-Baptiste de Peretti, her husband at the time and the companion of a life well led.
Together, they leave Corsica, Stéphanie begins studying cinema in Paris. The lovers fly to Madagascar and return to France with typically Malagasy baskets that Stephanie has the idea of ​​reworking in her own way. Baobab is launched, it is an immediate success. The brand, distributed throughout the world, became a showcase for ethnic-inspired decoration, outpacing the general push towards this trend.

She travels and keeps, like an inner leitmotif, her love of cinema and images and has carried with her everywhere, since adolescence, the famous photo by Richard Avedon: Dovima dressed in Dior, posing between two elephants. There is everything in this image, strength and fragility, the taste for refinement and the power of animality, the apparent alliance of sophistication and the wild world. And fashion. Since childhood, she has been drawing, scribbling dresses in notebooks to pass the time.

This time which passes between the Bastia market square, dear to his grandparents, a family home on the edge of the untamed beauty of Cap Corse, Paris where his mother is from, the sensuality of the Mediterranean and the authenticity of streets of the Genoese city.

However, she chose the south of Corsica to launch her clothing brand.
Mare di Latte was born in Porto-Vecchio, an island Eldorado, surrounded by sublime beaches, frequented by a motley crowd of summer visitors in search of a certain sweetness of life. The brand meets its audience and quickly spreads internationally. Other stores are opening on the island.

Back to the origins. The designer returned to Bastia in 2018, the source of her inspiration, and transformed herself into a woman-orchestra: business manager, she built her team with the ambition of surrounding herself with people whose talent is expressed through trust. Artist of her life, always on the lookout for a face, a smile, an image, a smell, which will nourish her imagination, she stays the course. His compass, emotion.