Mare Di Latte's emblematic piece since its creation in 2008. “It's the garment of freedom with which it all began,” shares Stéphanie de Peretti, its designer. Over the years, the Paleo Malin follows her in the decisive choices of her life, and makes it a symbol of independence. Women put it on and adjust it in a single movement, as they wish, and no longer depend on anyone. "It’s a timeless piece that’s as feminine as it is feminist." Very light and sensual, the Pareo Malin is cut in India from a unique piece of cotton, with exclusive prints and in three lengths. Its low back and adjustable neckline offer multiple styles, with just a few more knots and pleats. It’s up to every woman to make it their own.


Inspired by Madeleine Vionnet's 1920s scarf dress with two crepe panels sewn and tied together, the Ivina dress is the most versatile piece in the Mare Di Latte wardrobe. An elegant dress cut from silk or cotton, as feminine over a bikini as it is belted to go to dinner... its ties at the neck falling in sophisticated pompoms at the back. A clean cut, clean and architectural lines. To slip into any good summer suitcase.



Just like the Pareo Malin, the Poncho has been with Mare Di Latte women since the beginning. Cut from silk and woolen cheesecloth - an insulated material and a summer ally - its loose, airy cut offers a supple and elegant silhouette. An iconic piece for its simplicity and purity.